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                      ZHEJIANG YESWIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD was invested by two taiwanese companies including Lianshyang Industries Co., Ltd and Yeswin Group. Yeswin was setting up from 1997, and it began to run in the end of 1999. The total amount of the investments is US$8,000,000.
                      Yeswin Machine has two major operation systems: one is manufacturing cold forging machines; another is cold forging parts.
                      First Lianshyang Industries Co., Ltd, the mother company of Yeswin Machine, has nearly thirty years experience in manufacturing cold forging machines and serving the customers. So Yeswin Machine is carrying on the good tradition and provides the customers with: Multi-Station cold forging Machines(5S/6S/6SL/P.K.O), Pneumatic Tapping Machines. Because of the high precision and speed, our formers are widely used in manufacture fasteners, bicycle parts, automobile parts etc. And it's also the reason that over forty countries all over the world accepted them. In order to supply the customers completely service, we also deputize for some other related machines made in Taiwan, such as Heading Machine, Rolling Machine etc.
                      Another hand, we have 12 forging machines to produce wheel nut, socket wrench , anchor body, flange insert nut and other special parts. The type of machine includes 5 stations,6 stations, 7 stations, normal and longer stroke type; the cutting dir is from 11mm to 27mm, and the length has reached to 65mm.After 5 years,yeswin machinery has amassed a lot of experience in cold forging production,which can be share with our customers.
                      Because of the high quality,high efficiency and high stability,the machines of yeswin are welcome not by the taiwan and mainland china companies,but also the foreign guests,so yeswin machinery is growing up in high speed under the support of all customers."Quality,service,teamwork"is the spirit of yeswin machinery,under the direction of the spirit,we will try our best to provide the best products and service to our customers.    

                  Zip code:314100
                  Address:No.16,Jinjia RD,Jiashan,Zhejiang,China
                  E-mail: sales@zjyeswin.com
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